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Bar Talk

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#1. Becoming Your Ultimate Self


This is the kick-off article to the Bar Talk column in Saucon Source and gives an overview of the BAR40 methodology and it’s application towards living your best life.

#2. Quarantini Hangover

Covid life has brought anxiety, stress, cancelled plans, social isolation, and lots of working from home. All the ingredients needed to concoct a growing drinking habit for many people. This article dives into the role that habit, and mindset plays in our approach to alcohol and specific strategies to dial down or put a full stop to the booze.

#3. Endurance Mindset

Take a page out of the athletes playbook and get focused on being in present in the present instead of distracted by thoughts of the finish line or the big win.  When you’re feeling overwhelmed break down the challenge into bite sized mentally manageable and zero in on the next steps. Small successes keep us motivated and generate internal motivation to get more of those small wins. Read this ‘Endurance Mindset’ article for more!

#4. Getting It Done in 2021

This was written as a column kicking off 2021 but the main components are applicable any time you’re looking at establishing some goals and want to include some strategies for success. We tend to use January 1st as a tried and true start date for turning over a new leaf but when you think about it tomorrow works just as well. In other words…turn one day into day one and put procrastination in the rearview mirror!

#5. Let’s Break the Law

Ask someone how they’re doing, and odds are good that the reply you’ll get is “busy!”. Busy does not equal productive, just ask any hamster running on their exercise wheel. This article digs into Parkinson’s Law and the natural tendency for a task to be stretched to fill time. Also included in this article are 6 specific techniques designed to help you become more efficient in managing your day. Consider this spring cleaning for your schedule!

#6. Diet Modifications and the Power of Substitution

“I’ve been trying to lose weight for a month and all I’ve lost is 30 days!” This sort of frustration is often the only thing that can be counted on with a lot of the diet programs that are out there. A common problem is that even though they make sense on paper, actually trying to live with them long term is torture, so we throw our hands up and start looking for the next option. Give this column a read about the long term benefits and real results that come from continuing to eat the foods you like but making healthier choices. It’s not a fad and it does not have a lot of fancy marketing, but the end result can be a getting to your target weight along with looking and feeling your best.

#7. Power of Perseverance

There’s a great quote that says, “overnight success takes a long time”. While we often see the final result what we don’t always realize is that passion and perseverance have been the driving factor that brings those final results.  When we adopt this burn the boats mentality where we no longer see retreat as an option, we become unstoppable in our relentless pursuit of achieving what it is we set out to do. Having this grit and resolve to do what others won’t in order to achieve what others will not is one of the most significant secrets to success that we can work on developing in our own lives.  Read this column for some ideas and insights on staffing focused. Stay ready and you never have to get ready!

#8. The Day that Changed Everything

This article marked the unofficial 1 year anniversary of when Covid became part of our daily vocabulary and changed the game on how we lived our lives. As we move forward into a new normal, how can we hold on to the valuable back-to-basics lessons Covid forced us to re-learn and move forward with recalibrated priorities.

#9. Scientifically Proven: Nothing Beats Spring

What’s better than being outside on a beautiful day? Turns out the answer may be… nothing.

This short article provides some insight into why Spring is a uniquely beneficial time of the year for us to spend time outdoors and the positive impact that being in the fresh air and sun has on our productivity and mood. If you need any motivation to get a 30 minute break from the screen on a workday print this out and have it ready to tape to your screen as a ‘Be Back Soon’ message!

#10. Secondhand Stress: Your Mood Matters!

For better or worse, the people we interact with each day have a significant impact on our mood. This article explores how secondhand stress works and how our body is subconsciously picking up on the verbal and non-verbal signals that are being transmitted…and that includes Zoom calls! Having awareness and ideas on how to deal with this real function of our mirror neurons is a major step towards limiting the negative effects of internalizing the stress of others.

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