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The BAR40 Workplace Wellness sessions are designed for organizations interested in offering their teams additional tools and resources to elevate their daily performance, both personally and professionally. In addition, these presentations provide mental and physical wellness strategies that can be put into action immediately.   


For some context and background, BAR40 and the bestselling 'Achieving Personal Excellence' book have been helping people achieve their goals and live their best lives since 2016. As we all know, COVID-19 brought many changes to the world and our everyday lives. One of those widespread changes is the transition to working remotely, either full-time or on a hybrid schedule.


Over the past months, many of the conversations with business leaders, owners, and managers have centered around a similar theme. Almost without exception, the feedback shared is that one of the most significant organizational challenges is managing the new era of remote or hybrid teams and the unique needs that this changed dynamic requires to maintain engagement.


In addition, according to CDC data, the statistics on people suffering from increased stress and anxiety levels have steadily climbed since 2020 and have now reached record levels. Approximately 26% of Americans aged 18 and older suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder according to National Institute of Mental Health)

In light of these facts and the emerging needs that companies and organizations have to assist their teams, the BAR40 Workplace Wellness sessions were created.


These one-hour sessions include highly relatable topics such as mindset, habit, diet improvement, stress management, exercise, emotional intelligence, and goal setting. Most importantly, the content is delivered to inspire action and provides techniques and tools that can be put into place immediately. Or, in BAR40 speak, allow participants to 'turn 'one day' into day one! 



General info: 


  • Each session is one hour long. (45-minute presentation followed by 15 minutes of an interactive Q&A group coaching session  

  • The rate is $55 per participant with a minimum of 10 people (flat fee of $550 if less than 10 people) and a maximum of 20 people. If the preference is that each person receives the 2023 edition of the bestselling BAR40: Achieving Personal Excellence book, which includes the 365-day training journal, there is a $15 add-on for a total of $70. (That reflects a discounted book price from the $19 retail cover price) 

  • Each participant will receive a BAR40 LifeLift worksheet to use immediately following the presentation.  

  • Also included is a feedback survey conducted four weeks after the presentation. This survey is to help provide additional insight into what changes and improvements have been made using BAR40 and any further information or feedback employees would like to share. This survey can be completed anonymously if preferred. 

  • Each session can be recorded so if any of the registered participants were not able to attend, they can watch it 'on demand'.  


In addition to this keynote presentation, there are additional sessions available that focus specifically on diet modification, custom fitness planning, goals and habits, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and stress management. We are happy to customize presentation solutions to best fit your organization's specific needs, feel free to email or call 484-275-5535 to get the conversation started.

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