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Introducing a better way of being.
BAR40 provides you with the tools needed to achieve peak performance and become the version of yourself that you have always envisioned!

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Running at the Beach


All of us have habits, tendencies, and behaviors in our life that hold us back from reaching our full capabilities. Oftentimes we grow so accustomed to the daily routines that we stop noticing when we're falling short of our true potential and goals.  Our history does not need to define our destiny and using the BAR40 tools will help identify and remove the barriers standing in the way of becoming the best version of yourself.

​BAR40 is a physical and mental fitness program designed to provide the framework for each of us to achieve our own ‘best year ever’ so we can live our best life ever!  Core components include exercise and diet modifications. These along with a daily focus on mindfulness and self-management practices aimed at replacing negative habits with new healthy choices that will take you to the next level instead of slowing you down.​

​BAR40 provides navigation tools for what is largely a self-guided journey towards a daily mindset of self-mastery.  While the universal goal is to elevate physical and mental fitness to a new level over the course of 52 weeks, each program is uniquely based on personal targets. One of the first steps in the program is to identify 3 goals. These 3 goals will help provide the structure of your individual BAR40 program.  Progress, achievements, and challenges will all be logged in the BAR40 training journal which will be your daily companion over the next year.

BAR40 helps create the path of becoming the best version of ourselves utilizing the vast resources we have within to forge permanent results.  While it may not be easy every day the results that begin revealing themselves will provide proof and motivation to continue putting the work and steps into becoming your target version of yourself.

BAR40, is here to help you in your new journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon be excelling in a way you never thought possible and turning your bucket list goals from concepts into reality.

About Us

BAR40 is a lifestyle based upon habit formation. It's an approach that provides fundamental improvements in every area that stand the test of time. Here are three main aspects to how it works:


BAR40 has helped me to tweak some of my daily decisions allowing me to make better choices. Unlike other books that I've read it, I'm not done with this one now that I’ve read it. The Author, Eric Bartosz has provided me with my first ever log to track my daily progress. He has also shared some additional works that are of interest and sound like they complement BAR40 nicely. I will be keeping BAR40 on my nightstand! Overall BAR40 has left me with the feeling that I have a friend beside me as I travel along this journey towards having the best year ever! I am recommending BAR40 to people of any fitness level as you work towards a better version of yourself.

BAR40 here I come for my best year ever!


Food & Drink

Let's face it, most of us have aspects of our body that we would like to change and our eating habits are obviously a critical component to how we look and feel.  While there are countless 'diet' plans out there the long-term results tend to fall short and ultimately lead to frustration or abandoning efforts altogether.  BAR40 is based on substitution and modification which ensures it is a sustainable approach that brings about changed habits and results that endure.


BAR40 is designed as a running and bodyweight exercise program which means that it does not require trips to the gym to be successful.  If running isn't suitable for you then any number of substitute exercises can be used instead.  Some of the many options include walking, yoga, swimming, or biking but the main objective is to consistently include additional physical activity into your lifestyle. Choosing activities that you enjoy doing will make your fitness goals much more attainable and, through habit, a part of your day that you consider a priority not to be missed.  It won't always be easy but the results that you will start seeing will help keep you motivated for the duration of Bar40 and beyond. 


One of the most significant aspects of BAR40 is the ultimate goal of creating your personal best year ever.  A big part of that is choosing the goals that you consider the most important pursuits in your life and setting the course to achieve them.  In distilling that down what we are really doing is making each day count in meaningful ways by practicing a new level of mindfulness.   This process of self-reflection will help identify what's working well for you now and what needs to change.  While change can be a challenge, the power of habit has a profound impact and BAR40 training will provide a mindset where your habit becomes a mode of constant improvement and progress.



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